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On – the – Job
Training (OJT)

The OJT program is designed specifically for Dislocated Workers that have lost their jobs through no fault of their own (business closure/layoff) and need minimal retraining. The program provides employers a 50% reimbursement of all wages paid while participants are retrained along with reimbursement of Drug Screens and Background Checks. Employers receive reimbursement for up to 7 weeks (280 hours).

Work Experience

The program provides up to 480 hours of Paid Training for individuals to gain experience and exposure in a new career field. Adults that are unemployed with a household income below $50,000 may qualify. Dislocated Workers that have lost their jobs through no fault of their own qualify as well. Also individuals that have completed school at local community colleges and need assistance gaining experience in their new career field may be eligible. Employers incur no training costs and participants can earn while they learn!

Client Criteria

Must be a resident of the 8-County Cattahoochee Workforce Area (Cattahoochee, Clay, Harris, Muscogee, Quitman, Randolph, Stewart, and Talbot) (Not applicable to Dislocated Workers)

Proof of Age - Current GA Driver’s License, Birth Certificate, Military ID, or DD-214

Proof of Residency - Utility Bill, Mail addressed to Applicant (must be within the last 6 months)

Proof of Family Size – SNAP Letter, Current Lease

Proof of Social Security Number – SS Card

Draft Compliance – males 18 and older

Picture ID – Current State Issued ID

Proof of Layoff of Dislocation-Separation Letter from former employer